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Success Stories

Family Keeps Heirloom Home Thanks to HomeFit Mortgage

For Laura Carter, buying her home was much more than just a financial decision. This was the house she had grown up in—it belonged to her grandmother before she passed on, and it’s where Laura had been making memories since she was a little girl. But purchasing the home for her own family would require some careful expertise, so she and her husband Ryan turned to CDCU to guide them to successful homeownership.

HomeFit Refinance Saves Family Thousands in Magna

One of the things clients enjoy most about working with CDCU is the support they provide to homeowners long after buying a home. As Susana Solorzano of Magna discovered, this includes helping families save money by refinancing through CDCU’s HomeFit mortgage. 

CDCU Helps Veteran Find a Home

When Tom VanCleave began looking for a home, he was interested in a private space with a yard to garden. He had been living in a one bedroom apartment where the rent cost was high. A disabled veteran who served in the military, Tom’s situation was unique. He wanted a private home, room for a workshop in the garage, and space to call his own. Also, he needed space to maneuver his wheelchair and walker.

Celebrating the Holidays in a CDCU Idea House

Arturo and Natalie Ruvalcaba rented apartments for years and while owning a home seemed appealing, it seemed to be impossible in the near future.  They decided to start looking for a house, spurred by their landlord’s unannounced visits to their apartment.  Natalie and Arturo assumed they would have to save for a while before they could afford a home, but they began the house hunt. 

CDCU Helps a Young Family Find Their First Home

When Brad Davis began his teaching career in 2013, he and his wife Brenda started considering purchasing a home for their family. They had been living in an apartment above the garage of Brad’s grandparents while he completed his education, but needed more space as their daughter, Emily, was growing into toddler-hood. 

CDCU Programs Contribute to Decreased Criminal Activity

CDCU Success Story, September 2014

CDCU's impact on neighborhood and community revitalization and promoting family stability and self-sufficiency through homeownership is well-established, but it wasn't until CDCU was approached by a Detective from the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake that we realized just how far-reaching an effect CDCU programs and services can have.  Officer Dallof

CDCU Supports a Homeowner through Good Times and Bad

CDCU Success Story, June 2014

Nine years ago, Margarita Gerardo was working two jobs to support her family.  She her two children were living with another family and wanted to have a home of their own.

A Roundabout Way Back to Homeownership

CDCU Success Story, February 2014

Unforeseen financial hardships can happen to anyone, and sometimes can force families into difficult situations.  Housing instability can be a major concern in the face of financial struggles.   

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