Looking Back on a Productive Year

14 December 2012 Written by  Darin Brush

As I reflect on the year that has been, we have accomplished many great things.  In fact, 2012 will be our most productive in our 22 year history.  To illustrate, consider the following:

  • We saved 108 families from foreclosures, and are currently working with hundreds more.  In fact, we took on another 354 cases throughout the state this year.
  • We provided pre-purchase counseling to more than 300 families, helping to ensure their success.
  • We sold 44 homes, all of which are revitalization projects that we rehabilitated or built ourselves.  In the last three years, we’ve done 144 homes, for a total market value of $14,233,680!  That is a huge impact in our hardest hit neighborhoods, both in stabilization and economic development.
  • We remediated 13 homes contaminated with methamphetamine.

One of our partners, a very large national bank, recently commented that we have a much greater impact than our small size (12 people) would suggest.  He is right.  Our stories may not be in the papers or on television much, but thanks to our dedicated team and great partners, we are making a difference in lives and in neighborhoods every day.  Here’s to an even stronger 2013!

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