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Homebuyer Preparation Services

22 September 2015 Written by
Congratulations to Raquel and Richard Wood for closing on their new home! They attended Community Development Corporation of Utah’s home buyer education class and met with one of our homeownership advisors, which helped them prepare for the home buying process. They used CDCU’s real estate agent, Carol LaFreniere, and the HomeFit™ mortgage to purchase their home. Raquel and Richard even participated in the HomeFit™ Saver, which is a matched savings program available with the HomeFit™ mortgage! CDCU provides comprehensive services along the homeownership pathway, helping clients from start to finish! Have you been thinking about buying a home but don’t…

Down Payment Assistance Now Available in Salt Lake County

09 September 2015 Written by
It’s that time of year again! School is back in session, the air is getting crisp, leaves are starting to change, and down payment assistance funds are now available in Salt Lake County. Are you thinking about buying a home, but you don’t quite have enough money saved?Are you a first time home buyer? Let us help you bridge the gap! The goal of down payment assistance is to help low-to-moderate income families realize their goals of homeownership by providing up to $5,000 in down payment assistance to first time home buyers. Funds are currently available in all of Salt…

2015: Year of the First Time Home Buyer in Utah

02 September 2015 Written by
 It is a great time to be a first time home buyer! Buyers used to be required to put 20% down in order to purchase a home, making homeownership out of reach for many. However, studies have shown that homeownership has positive impacts on communities, such as a decrease in crime rates over time (according to a study by the University of Nebraska.) Utah recognizes the benefits of homeownership in their communities and has some great programs for first time buyers to encourage them to get into the market. There are several other factors making 2015 a great time to…

What Are Mortgage Lenders Looking For?

20 August 2015 Written by
Summer is a bustling time to purchase a home and acquire a mortgage.  It’s exciting to think of the possibilities of starting down the pathway to home ownership and getting into your own home.  As you start the process, you may be wondering, what is expected of me to qualify for a loan? How may I better prepare myself for home purchase? We, at Community Development Corporation of Utah (CDCU), are here to help you prepare! In addition to offering a fabulous mortgage product, CDCU offers FREE home buyer preparation to anyone! We look at your personal finances, offer credit…

So Much to Celebrate!

09 June 2015 Written by
Serving Utah Families for 25 Years Community Development Corporation of Utah opened its doors in May of 1990 and we are proud to have been helping Utah families and communities for the past 25 years!  As a nonprofit organization, we are here to support you through every step of homeownership, from the time you first start considering if a home purchase may be right for you, throughout the time you own. A home purchase is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and a complicated process to navigate on your own. At CDCU we strive to meet the needs…

Great coverage on CDCU's work in the Deseret News!

27 May 2015 Written by
Deseret News has a great editorial position piece on CDCU! We're excited to be celebrating our 25th Anniversary.  

Thirsty to Thrifty Gardening

15 May 2015 Written by
Dreams of lush lawns and gardens in the second driest state are hard to maintain. Hot and dry isn’t new for those of us who have lived here for a few years, but this year the weather is shouting at us to adjust our expectations. Drought conditions throughout the West make it even more important that we all do our part to conserve and landscaping is a major drain on our water supply. We don’t have to choose between dry and brown or higher and higher water bills though. Here are some ideas and resources to keep your yard beautiful…

Summer Fun on the Cheap

15 May 2015 Written by
With so many free activities and events in the summer, it’s easy to keep the family entertained while the kids are out of school. Check out community calendars for arts festivals, events at your local public library, free outdoor concerts and movies, or head up to the mountains for a hike. Check online for free days at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the Utah Natural History Museum. And then there’s always swimming in the Great Salt Lake…you really do float!

Refinance and Save Money

15 May 2015 Written by
CDCU now offers mortgage refinancing with no mortgage insurance.  If you’re tired of paying mortgage insurance or want to take advantage of the current low interest rates, call us to learn more about your refinancing options and eligibility.  (801) 994-7222

CDCU in the News for Another Great Idea House

15 May 2015 Written by
CDCU's Magna Idea House was featured on KSL and this one was a dramatic improvement!  This house was a vacant home that had become a haven for drug users.  CDCU cleaned it up and replaced the roof, windows, and flooring as well as making energy efficiency upgrades.  Now the house has been converted from a hub of criminal activity to a great home for a Utah family!
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