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CDCU Partners with Lead Safe Salt Lake to End Childhood Lead Poisoning

15 April 2014 Written by
Lead is a metallic element that has a lot of important uses, but it is toxic to kids. Thankfully, Salt Lake County won another competitive round of federal funding for the next two years to help low-income families mitigate lead-based paint exposure to children. CDCU is a partner to this important project, and is working hard to get the word out to families who may be eligible for help. Here are some important facts about lead hazards:          Exposure to lead causes health, behavior, and learning problems, especially for children under six years of age          Homes built before 1978…

Share the Sun with Goal Zero and CDCU: Update on Leota Family

18 December 2013 Written by
Thanks to all who have donated to the Leota Project! End of the year charitable donations seem to have kicked in this month! We have raised a little over 25% of the goal for the GoalZero backup batteries. These donations are from friends, family, community members and GoalZero customers who have donated their Sun Shares. We are also pleased that ASSIST Utah has joined CDCU and the Salt Lake County Green and Healthy Homes Program for this project. They will be contributing to the accessibility improvements - a new wheelchair ramp and bathroom modifications and upgrade the electrical service to…

Another Great Project with Wells Fargo!

27 November 2013 Written by
Another great project starts with help from Wells Fargo 15 November 2013 Our thanks go out to the to 17 generous volunteers from Wells Fargo Bank who helped us get a head start on a new project that will become the first home for an eligible family, and will help to spruce up a great neighborhood in West Valley City, too. Purchased last summer, this house was in tough shape, and it was unlikely that any new buyer would have the resources to do the work necessary to bring it up to the minimum health and safety standards. That’s where…

Share the Sun with Goal Zero and CDCU

05 November 2013 Written by
  What would you do if the electricity in your home was frequently out and you had two family members dependent on electrical medical equipment? We suspect you would worry, just like Emma and Ma Ching Leota. You might also trade off using your own medical equipment with your spouse to avoid tripping a fuse at night because too many medical appliances overwhelm the electrical panel, just like Emma and Ma Ching. We are pleased to announce a new partnership with local business,  GoalZero, maker of innovative portable power products. GoalZero joins the Community Development Corporation of Utah and Salt…

Home Depot + CDCU = Safe & Healthy Home for Helen Lange

18 October 2013 Written by
  Last week, Community Development Corporation of Utah partnered with The Home Depot Foundation and Salt Lake County to help Helen Lange, a veteran and single mom of four who suffers from PTSD and other injuries. She needed help in repairing her home and yard. The Home Depot Foundation’s annual Celebration of Service Program took care of material costs, while Home Depot employees organized and completed the work. Everyone did a fantastic job! Check out the link to see photos of the 70+ dedicated volunteers at work. Helen originally applied for help through the Salt Lake County Green and Healthy Homes Program.…

Down Payment Assistance Available

22 July 2013 Written by
Down Payment Assistance (DPA) funds are currently available in Murray City, Salt Lake City proper & unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County (Manga, Kearns, Millcreek, White City, Copperton).  This assistance is administered by Community Development Corporation Utah for income-eligible, first-time homebuyers who need help with their down payment and/or closing costs.  There are a few changes to the DPA program this year that homebuyers & professionals should be aware of. First is that a borrower must contribute more of his/her own money toward the purchase of a home when utilizing the DPA.  The new guideline requires a potential buyer to…

Wells Fargo Donates Time and Money to Green and Healthy Homes Project

28 June 2013 Written by
Today, 15 fabulous Wells Fargo volunteers converged on a single-family house rehabilitation project of epic proportions at 4595 W. 4895 South in Kearns, Utah. Despite the 100+ degree weather, these banking professionals took a day away from their normal duties, and helped us complete the make-over of this vacant, foreclosed property with major problems, including methamphetamine contamination, flooding, and generally poor condition. But with help from Wells Fargo, it will become our next Green and Healthy Idea House. Our volunteers planted trees, repaired and stained fence, cut out overgrown foliage, weeded, and much more. Their efforts saved thousands of dollars,…

Tremendous Partners Make Our Work Possible

22 May 2013 Written by
At Community Development Corporation of Utah, our work would not be possible without the many tremendous partners we enjoy. From our local government stakeholders like Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City, Murray City, West Valley City, City of South Salt Lake, Myton City, and others, to our many wonderful bank partners (too many to list here), to our Utah-based charitable foundations. With deep cuts in the federal and municipal budgets to affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization programs, our bank and foundation friends have helped fill the funding gap, allowing us to continue to serve low- and moderate-income families and communities…

Summary of New Mortgage Rules

11 January 2013 Written by
Yesterday, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released its new mortgage rules, intended to limit the subprime lending that caused the housing and finance bubbles to burst in 2007. Subprime lending, or non-conforming loans, has been around for a long time, but grew dramatically during the ten years leading to the crash, as banks developed products to serve homebuyers who did not meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac underwriting guidelines for prime mortgages. The most common type of subprime loan was an adjustable rate mortgage, the interest rate for which could often be changed at the discretion of the lender without…

Looking Back on a Productive Year

14 December 2012 Written by
As I reflect on the year that has been, we have accomplished many great things.  In fact, 2012 will be our most productive in our 22 year history.  To illustrate, consider the following: We saved 108 families from foreclosures, and are currently working with hundreds more.  In fact, we took on another 354 cases throughout the state this year. We provided pre-purchase counseling to more than 300 families, helping to ensure their success. We sold 44 homes, all of which are revitalization projects that we rehabilitated or built ourselves.  In the last three years, we’ve done 144 homes, for a…