Community Impact at a Glance


To date, CDCU has:

  • served more than 4,000 low-to-moderate income families in over 120 communities across the state, built over 150 new homes and rehabilitated over 300 homes.
  • extended over 2,000 down payment assistance (DPA) loans and second mortgages totaling over $6.4 million to approximately 1,900 low- and moderate-income families throughout the state.
  • completed 25 Idea Houses in partnership with Salt Lake County

             The following are highlights from 2012:

  • 45 homes were sold to first-time homebuyers
  • 3 new ENERGY STAR rated homes were built
  • 32 homes were rehabilitated
  • 218 households attended home buyer education classes
  • 325 households received pre-purchase housing counseling
  • 394 households received foreclosure mitigation counseling
  • 55 households received reverse mortgage counseling
  • 81 households received down payment assistance 
  • $5,679 was the average amount of down payment assistance received per household
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