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Inspections and Subordinations

If you need to pay your visual/safety inspection, please click here.

If you received down payment assistance (DPA) in the past and are refinancing your first mortgage we may be able to subordinate the DPA lien (i.e. go into second position behind the new lender).  Subordinations may be approved for no-cash-out refinances which serve to lower your interest rate & monthly payment or to shorten the term of your loan.  To request a subordination complete & submit the form below (contact info included) along with all checklist items.  We will not go into 3rd position and must be repaid if a second mortgage has been obtained. The request will be denied if the current refinance combines a 1st & 2nd mortgage. Each request is reviewed on a case by case basis.  Download the Subordination Request Form here.  Pay the required $75 processing fee here.

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